scott speedman schram betts last resort Scott Speedman on 'Last Resort': Daisy Betts and Jessy Schram kiss and tell about leading man“Last Resort’s” XO Sam Kendal — played by the not-bad-looking-at-all Scott Speedman — has two important women in his life: his wife Christine (Jessy Schram) and his work-wife, Lt. Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts).

Hold up: “It’s really a mentorship relationship between those two,” Betts tells us about Grace and Sam. “He respects her and she respects him and she’s learned a lot from him.”

So no sparks between the two renegade Navy officers?

“He’s got sparks flying everywhere, he’s Scott Speedman!” laughs Betts. “But nothing yet with Grace,” she adds ruefully.

She’s in a better position, Speedman-wise, than Schram though. “Unfortunately I don’t have too much contact with Scott,” says the actress, whose character is separated from her devoted (for now) husband by an ocean and a government conspiracy.

When we commiserated, she laughed: “That’s why I say unfortunately.” 

“Seeing as how I only have phone calls and flashbacks, there’s not much interaction — because there can’t be.”

The fact that the women can hold their own against Speedman and his fellow alpha males is one of the strengths of “Last Resort.”

As Betts points out, “Of 10 series regulars, we have five women” — including Autumn Reeser, Dichen Lachman and Camille De Pazzis Betts. “And they’re really, really strong women — there’s no token bimbo or anything like that. They’re all just really strong and believe in what they stand for and going and fighting for it every week.”

“Last Resort” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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