scott wolf kaijudo the hub gi Scott Wolf on his return to TV in 'Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters'Beginning Saturday, June 2, Scott Wolf will finally be back on our TVs — unfortunately for fans of his attractive face, it’ll be in animated form only on The Hub’s newest series, “Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters,” based on the Japanese card and video game franchise. Hey, we’ll take what we can get.

“I play Ray, who I suppose you would consider to be the hero of this story,” Wolf tells Zap2it of his new role. Ray lives in a world where giant fantastical creatures have been separated from humans and live in another dimension, but Ray can contact both worlds. “Ray is this chosen one, and he has this incredibly rare ability and unique ability to communicate with and control the creatures,” Wolf explains. Ray and his two best friends join the Duel Masters to protect the creatures from the evil forces trying to harness their power.

Like many an animated project, Wolf has been involved in the making of the show for more than a year. “As the animated things go, you end up working on them for such a long time before people finally get a chance to see it,” he says. “I myself was not very familiar with the card game and the franchise of it, but after reading the first script I was really kind of hooked. I had known some of the people who were involved — one of the directors I had worked with before.”

It takes a lot of work before the finished product hits the airwaves, Wolf says. “Not only do we have to record voices and do our work as actors, but our work is really just beginning because there is obviously all the animation that has to be done. It’s just a huge amount of work that has to be done to bring this to the screen.”

As a father — Wolf and his wife have a 3-year-old son and are expecting a new addition this year — Wolf says he was excited to do a kid-friendly project, but that was an afterthought to the content of the show. “My son just turned 3, and it was funny because I was so excited about the idea of doing this show just because I felt like it was this incredible story,” he says. “It actually occurred to me that I hadn’t thought too much about the content of the show. … It actually matters to me as a parent in a whole new way the kind of things I want to put out into the world.”

To that end, Wolf says “Kaijudo” can teach kids some really powerful lessons about hot topics like bullying. “The idea of what bullying is and ways to confront it and avoid it and deal with it are central to the message of the show,” he says.

“Kaijudo” airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. on The Hub.

Posted by:Jean Bentley