scotty mccreery i love you this big video Scotty McCreery's 'I Love You This Big' video: Picnics, hair braiding, fireworks!

Hats off to Scotty McCreery for taking his time to film an official companion clip to his “American Idol” winning tune, “I Love You This Big.”

“Idol” victors tend to spill those out within a month of being crowned with their invisible tiara.

that there’s anything wildly inventive going on here. Shot during the
current Season 10 tour, the “This Big” video is an ode to love and
American summer. McCreery and his band perform on a park stage (or is it
a partially-assembled house?) while a barrage of white, heterosexual
couples canoodle in a variety of PG ways.

But there’s other
kinds of love at work here, too — like the love between a family, the
love a teenage girl has for braiding hair and everyone’s love of hula
hoops and fireworks.

“This Big” currently sits at #18 on the Billboard Hot Country chart, and we suspect a little TV play should boost that a bit.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell