ABC’s “Scoundrels” was plagued with a bit of a controversial casting shakeup when David James Elliott replaced Neal McDonough. Whenever that happens eyebrows raise and people wonder about the overall quality of a new show. We think you’ll find that the show’s pilot has some kinks that can be worked out, but the idea of a family with such skewed family values may keep you around.

“Sideways” star Virginia Madsen is Cheryl, the matriarch of the West brood, who up until the events of the pilot was a willing participant in the family’s criminal dealings. After watching her husband get sentenced for five years (funny how that’s the industry’s length of time for a show to get syndication, huh?), Cheryl decides it’s time the family walked the straight and narrow. The problem is her family has known nothing but the con game and they may not be on the same page as mom.

Madsen carries the show and, at times, the load forces the actress into hysterics (read: over-acting). We’ll be watching to see if she finds more shades in her portrayal as she settles into the role.

The kids are bright spots. Part of the fun of the pilot is seeing how each one uses their con talent to get what they want. They’ve all got very different personalities and desires, but they’re still “Scoundrels,” which makes for some fun twists on the con game. The writing around them is a particularly strong.

Will you be dropping in on the West family?

“Scoundrels” premieres Sunday, June 20 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Photo / Video credit: ABC

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