courteney cox scream4premiere 'Scream 4's' Courteney Cox over shares about David Arquette on 'Howard Stern'What is up with the over-sharing this week?

First Hayden Panettiere dished on getting it on with her super tall boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko. Now fellow “Scream 4” co-star Courteney Cox is telling the world about what David Arquette is packin’ down there.

]]>Jim Carrey while filming “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” “My publicist is going to kill me,” she admits on the show. “I think that in our marriage he rebelled against me a lot,” she says of Arquette. “I’m the mother that he rebelled against–he also is completely different than me. I’m practical, he’s a dreamer,” she said. “As his wife it’s harder for me–can’t we just keep it simple? I feel I’m less judgmental.” Cox does acknowledge that he is gifted with the second largest um, let’s just say piece of equipment, she’s ever seen. No word on who holds that number one slot, though — so at least she kept that to herself. Why then, did she turn him down in Disney World? Timing. “We were talking, we were laughing, it was early in the morning,” she explains. The “Cougar Town” star also recalls a time that Arquette “brought home two girls” prior to their engagement, and says that she would go crazy if he ever got together with pal Jennifer Aniston. “That would be a good story,” she admits before warning Arquette not to try. Last but not least, Stern asks who would be the first person Cox would like to date if and when her marriage officially ends. Who do I have a talent crush on, who do I think is cute?” Cox clarifies. “Christian Bale. ‘The Fighter’ was so good.” “Another nightmare, completely,” Arquette quips in response. We’re about ready to call Ghostface on all you people! Enough is enough. Watch Cox’s surprise entrance and Arquette’s reaction in the clip below.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci