scream wes craven tv mtv 'Scream' TV series: Wes Craven confirms he's been approached

MTV has already ordered a pilot of a new horror series based on Wes Craven‘s “Scream” film series, but will the director be involved? Initial reports say that he could potentially direct the show’s one-hour pilot, but so far that has yet to be confirmed.

It seems that enough people asked Craven about whether he’ll be a part of the “Scream” series that he decided to take to Twitter to give a status update. “A lot of you have asked about the Scream TV series,” he tweets. “It’s true I’ve been approached. My response was, it would depend on the script. If they have a great script/concept, it could be fun. If not, not.”

As of yet, the “Scream” pilot does not have a writer or a concept, so it’s understandable that Craven would want to wait until then before committing to being involved. It’s been reported that “Scream” writer Kevin Williamson will not be involved in the TV series.

If it ends up being taken to series, “Scream” is expected to premiere on MTV in Summer 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz