spelling-bee-2012-scripps-youngest-lori-anne-madison-cbs-news.jpgSix-year-old Lori Anne Madison, the youngest speller in Scripps National Spelling Bee history, didn’t make the cut to advance to Thursday’s (May 31) semifinals. During Wednesday’s preliminary rounds, she misspelled the word “ingluvies” — defined on Dictionary.com as a “crop, or craw, of birds” (duh) — and incorrectly spelled one word too many on a computer test.

“I was really disappointed that I misspelled the word. I knew the word,” Lori Anne says Thursday, according to CBS News. “It was just too bad that I misspelled the word.”

The Lake Ridge, Va., home-schooled student gained widespread media attention in March when she advanced to the National Spelling Bee by beating out 21 other kids in her region by correctly spelling the word “vaquero.”

Though her age was the media draw, it was probably a factor playing against her when it came to dealing with the pressure of the competition.

“I was just stressed. It was a really, really long wait,” Lori Anne says. “Overall, it was just boring. Really boring! Really boring!”  

There’s always next year.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper