Braff As we’ve all heard, it’s up in the air whether “Scrubs” will return for another season. Tonight, we got a preview of what that season might look like – a vision of Sacred Heart through the eyes of the interns. And I gotta say, though it was a bit scattered, it was far from terrible.

JD is being treated with a “newfound sense of respect” thanks to his role as the guy who gets Dr. Cox to say, well…”no,” most of the time. But, um, at least he asks? Turk is perhaps a little jealous (or, more likely, irritated by JD’s newly huge head – what kind of person actually takes a comparison between themselves and Martin Luther King, Jr. as anything BUT sarcasm?), but they don’t really take it too far.

Most of the focus tonight is on the interns – as it’s a “Their Story” episode, we hear their thoughts and, more hilariously, see their fantasies instead of JD’s. Denise’s story was the highlight for me. I love her character in the first place, especially now that they’ve toned down the unfeelingness towards patients, but hearing her bitingly sarcastic thoughts made me feel especially good about the prospect of a “Scrubs: The New Class” scenario next year. Denise convinces Elliot to do a biopsy on a patient that wasn’t necessary in the end, and her fantasy version of Elliot’s venerable “I Told You So” dance – spiced up with French AND the splits – was probably the high point of my day. And though it is better in Denise’s head, I’m glad to see that Elliot jazzed up the real version with The Robot.

So I totally love Sunny. At first I wasn’t sure – she seemed annoyingly, relentlessly happy. And while this is still true, she’s grown on me. And thus, shame on the Janitor for crushing that (albeit temporarily) by calling her weak. Shaaame! Also shame on the totally weak payoff for the “hypnotized by the word ‘popsicle'” prank. I think we both know you could’ve done better than that, buddy. My forgiveness can be bought for the price of one motorized supply cart. But only if it brings me iced tea, too.

As a bonus, tonight we were introduced to Derek, a new surgical intern. He spends most of his first day getting between JD and Turk, biting his tongue while thinking of cutting remarks, and being generally a little boring. But I found myself cheering for him when he finally snapped, speaking truth to power and shaking things up, Jordan-style. Turk receives the worst of it, getting called a “giant bald seven-year-old who’s obsessed with his best friend.” Yeah, that’s pretty spot-on. But hey, that’s why we love him! And Derek is now a member of the Sacred Heart family…perhaps an important one come next year’s hypothetical ninth season.

Posted by:Liz Pardue