Sacred Heart University — that's what we've dubbed it for now — has just accepted a first year med student.

Sources tell me Dave Franco has been cast as a "Scrubs" series regular, the first of three new actors to join the show later this year.

You may recognize Franco from "Privileged" on which he played Rose (Lucy Hale)'s boyfriend Zach. Or, perhaps, you see the resemblance between him and his big brother, James Franco ("Spider Man," "Pineapple Express," "Milk").

Either way, if you're a "Scrubs" fan, you'll get to know Dave later this year when he takes on the role of "Cole," a 22-year-old medical student, who might rub people the wrong way. I'm hearing he's a crazy entitled, rich kid whose family has no problem using their money to give him an edge.

As you can imagine, Dr. Cox will be a huge fan of his. Or just hate him with a nasty vengeance… which I very much look forward to seeing.


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