Zachbraff_scrubs_s8_240I’m with the Janitor…change sucks! Happily, though, the (probably) penultimate episode of “Scrubs” didn’t suck at all. Though seriously, these guys have been part of my life for so long that the idea of JD and Turk being responsible adults, living and working apart and canceling on each other to care for their children, kills my inner child a little bit. Tonight even had fewer fantasy moments! But hey, emotional growth is one of the things that make this show so great, right?

So what’s the state of the union? JD is living 37 minutes away (well, 35 if he doesn’t stop at the blueberry stand) and soon to start work as residency director at Kim’s hospital. Bummer. Turk is Chief of Surgery, and that entire plot arc would’ve been worth it just for the payoff of his new ID with a picture of him wearing the Janitor’s “Chief” hat. In their fantasy, JD and Turk are running the hospital, wearing dapper vests and eating free pudding. In reality, they clash at work, make up, and realize that they’ll just have to see each other “when [they] can.” Who would’ve thought a comedy could make me so sad? (In a sentimental, nostalgic way…not in a negative way.)

Dr. Cox’s half-backflip (backflop?) at JD’s news notwithstanding, he’s clearly taking his self-identified protégé’s departure pretty hard. Aww. Although I have to say, I didn’t think his reaction to Denise’s “Elliot said not to sweat it [after I totally screwed up and almost killed a patient with a really adorable voice]” attitude was out of line at all. I hope doctors sweat it when they almost kill patients! And you know, though I think it’s probably time to let “Scrubs” go, I wish they had time to explore the Dr. Cox/Denise relationship a little more.

Neilflynn_scrubs_s8_240The Janitor, for his part, is pissed that JD upset the status quo, since change begets change. What kind of change? Well, Dr. Kelso is thinking about going back to work for low-income patients, Carla considers working part-time, Elliot toys with moving in with JD, Jordan wants to adopt some Asian babies, and Lady’s sister and son may move in…it’s madness. MADNESS!

Bits and pieces:

  • Denise and Derek are hooking up. I…really couldn’t care less. Derek is maybe the most forgettable character ever to appear on “Scrubs.”
  • The Janitor’s advice to Lady’s nephew, who’s having trouble with a schoolmate, is amazing: “You hit somebody and the anger’s gone, it’s over. The goal should be to keep the anger inside you, growing, like an anger baby.” He demands a very high level of revenge commitment.
  • JD and Turk haven’t been apart since before college. Adorable in theory, terrifying in reality. JD actually flew in and secretly stayed at a bungalow by the pool at Turk and Carla’s honeymoon! That has to cross some kind of line.
  • I’ll miss the little updates we get about Harrison, Dr. Kelso’s son. Apparently, he’s now “dropped all pretense – he’s a man whore.” Oh, Harrison.
  • Ted and Gooch are moving in together! Way to go, Ted. Though yeah, I really don’t need to picture you having sex. Also, I’d totally buy a Gooch CD. I love me some happy ukulele songs.

Change makes me feel…(answers)

Posted by:Liz Pardue