"Scrubs" starts us off tonight with a verrr-errrr-errrr-errrheeee-y (channeling Dr. Cox) dirty joke about doing the dishes. Good lord, "Scrubs!" At 8 pm/7 pm central. Whooo boy! I have never been so excited about ABC buying "Scrubs" as I was to see a Sportscenter cameo. That JD-Turk joke had me rolling. I love the Sportscenter of old (Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick and Craig Kilborn. Good stuff).

JD & Turk
A kid broke his neck and is going to be paralyzed. Turk has to tell the father that his child probably won't walk again but gives the father false hope by telling him there might be something the doctors can do. JD tries to talk Turk out of it, but Turk wants to try the Kevin Everett therapy (real-life case that is featured in the Sportscenter clip from earlier in the episode). Kevin Everett was a tight end for the Buffalo Bills who sustained a potentially life-threatening cervical spine injury. He was treated with hypothermia therapy, which is an experimental treatment where a patient's

body temperature is lowered to slow metabolic activity. This cooling

appears to protect or reduce damage to the nervous system after a

traumatic injury by preventing cell damage and inflammation, which is

the immune system's response to injury. The process is similar to icing

a battered limb after an accident to reduce swelling.

It's a controversial therapy and any complications with it are on Dr. Turk. Carla asks him "What would you do if it was one of our kids?" There is his answer. He hooks up his patient to the thermal regulation system. The father is optimistic and Carla is proud of Dr. Turk.

It turns out the hypothermia therapy helps. Yay for Dr. Turk.

JD's final daydream is a way to get on Sportscenter, which is "involuntary luge" by Dr. Cox. Awesome.

Cox & Jordan and Janitor & Lady

Cox and Jordan are off their game, including Cox wearing a wedding ring that he found stuck to some gum in the medicine cabinet. Janitor is unsettled by Lady not wanting to hold his hand. Kelso laughs about it from his muffin-holding perspective in the coffee shop.

Cox comes clean with Jordan that he's wearing his wedding ring because he just "wants to." It isn't for other people to see, it's for him. He wonders why Jordan cares that much.

Janitor and Jordan have a heart-to-heart about their respective problems. Elliott gives them some advice about talking to their partners first, not tearing things apart because they're afraid to feel vulnerable. Janitor stammers his way through an apology with Lady, but it turns out she's a hand-phobic germophobe. Also the Janitor is a dead-ringer for her father. Oh dear. So many issues. But they can be weird together and it's cute.

Jordan makes up with Cox by showing up at the hospital with her wedding ring on. Awww.

All the storylines felt a little rushed to me, but I did like the Kevin Everett thing. I was watching the game that happened during and it was scary. Not a bad episode of "Scrubs," but not the best effort this season.

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