" is at its best when it combines ridiculous jokes with serious character-based drama, then tonight's episode was right up there. Even without Zach Braff and his half-beard.

It's a full moon, and Turk and Elliot are left with nothing but interns to face the crazy masses during the night shift, thanks to JD taking Sam to Disneyland despite his promises to save it for his and Turk's 40th birthdays. Why wait until you're 40?  The interns have been at Sacred Heart "just long enough so that they think they know what they're doing," which is a terrifying prospect for the patients. And can I just say that given the Disneyland references, I was really hoping for a "Haunted Mansion"-themed prank when Turk and Elliot decided to scare the interns, but it turned out to be disappointingly ghost hologram-free. Sigh.

Derek continues his streak of unearned cockiness, and of annoying me. Seriously, this dude had better do something funny fast, or I'll…um…write something mean about him. Actually, I don't need to since Denise says it perfectly: "Aww, that's adorable, you have a crush on yourself! I'd be careful – the guy you're in love with is a douche." With God as my witness, I will use that line on someone in the next week. Amazing. And Derek winds up collapsing a lady's lung, so there. I wonder…does Denise totally hitting that as soon as he's all sad and vulnerable reinforce the lesson that he shouldn't be cocky, or that he doesn't need to improve as a doctor?

Elliot's patient is wasting away, and Elliot's zombie joke falls completely flat. I'm with Elliot – a lack of laughter at a good zombie joke = a lack of a sense of humor. I don't care of the patient's hair IS falling out. Sadly, instead of being a zombie or anorexic, she's HIV-positive. And Turk's HIV-vy (pronounced Hivvy) dance doesn't make it any better. Though it DOES make me wonder how the writers came up with it.

I really enjoyed the Elliot/Turk moments, especially their conversation at the end about being a doctor. That's a relationship that hasn't been explored much, but has a lot of potential. It was especially nice, and a little surprising, to see Elliot's respect for Turk. And it was really interesting that she, a huge overachiever when the show started, isn't set on being a doctor forever. That's why I love "Scrubs" – the characters really grow and change, just as real people would.

Random bits:

  • I'm just gonna ignore the plot about getting the WASP-y lady to fart, aside from quoting Sunny's hilarious response to Turk's question about what it smelled like: "30 years of oppression. And hot dogs!" Delivered only as Sunny could.
  • The Todd, showing some rare vulnerability, isn't cool with Howie – or anyone – high fiving. That's The Todd's thing!
  • Did anyone else think it was maybe okay for Katie to put that plastic cone around the crazy guy's head? I mean, he was trying to chew his stitches off! Plus it was transparent. And it's preferable to being tied down, right? Aaaand that's why I'm not a doctor.
  • It kind of feels like we're being weaned off of the regular cast, doesn't it? But I need to see a lot more emotional depth from the interns, rather than two-dimensional humor, before I'm convinced they can carry the show on their own. And Derek really needs to step up the funny.

Did you miss Zach Braff? Is Derek growing on you?

Posted by:Liz Pardue