The Internet connection down here in the Bahamas, where I’m still hanging with the cast and crew of Scrubs, is a bit shaky right now. But I’m not complaining. Why would I want to be on the computer when I could be on set at the Hope Town Harbor Lodge, watching one of my favorite Sacred Heart characters tie the knot today? — The officiant is being played by show creator (and director of this Bahamian episode) Mr. Bill Lawrence (photo, left), by the way — But anyhoo, I have managed to gather some good knowledge in between Bahama Mama sips, so I suppose I should share. Thanks to all who sent questions in. I did my best to get them answered…

Can you ask Bill Lawrence any more about this Scrubs as a revolving door show thing? Most of the fans seem to be totally against it, so what’s the deal?
I believe you’re speaking of ABC’s desire to keep Scrubs going for additional seasons — with new and old cast members coming and going as they please — despite the fact that Bill and star Zach Braff will exit the show after this upcoming eighth year. I spoke with Bill and he is totally supportive of the series continuing for a ninth season (and maybe beyond), provided the storylines are creative and make sense. He said there are a lot of very talented writers on staff who can carry the torch along with a few supporting cast members who would likely stick around. Plus, it would mean keeping his tight-knit crew (whom I’ve gotten to know this week, and really kind of love) together and working.

Can you get any scoop on the new cast adds? I know Aziz Ansari is a newbie. Will he actually have a storyline that intersects with the cast outside the hospital too?
Bill says Aziz, as well as Eliza Coupe, Betsy Beutler and Lee Thompson Young were brought on board because it was time for new blood. With seven seasons already past, there are only so many stories they haven’t already told, so the logical thing to do was to hire a few fresh faces who will act as students of J.D., Turk and Elliot. The storylines planned for each intern are different, but a couple of them will definitely be all up in the vets’ faces, both in and out of the hospital. For more info on the newest addition, Lee Thompson Young, read this.

Has anyone been cast as the new Chief of Medicine?
Several major names have been in contention. I mentioned Jennifer Garner last month, and since then, both Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver were possibilities. Unfortunately, neither actors are going to work out, so the casting directors are now back to square one, searching for a solid name to guest star in the first three season eight eps.

Will Ken Jenkins still be a series regular?

Though I’m hearing that Dr. Cox will take over as Chief of Medicine once the big name guest star exits, I’m told Kelso (Ken Jenkins, photo, right) isn’t going anywhere. Muffins for life, baby! He’ll be around.

Will Shirley/"Laverne again" return?
Though Aloma Wright is one of the only cast members who is not here in the Bahamas with us, she has already shot a season eight episode and will appear again.

Will Keith be a part of the group of new interns?
Keith has moved on, however I’m hearing we shouldn’t count him out for good. One of the writers said Keith’s return is a definite possibility.

Will The Janitor’s Lady come back?
But of course. Lady, whose full name I’ve just learned (Ladinia Whitman!), is down here in the Bahamas as we speak. In fact, the actress who plays her, Kit Pongetti, and Neil Flynn (who plays the Janitor, photo, left) shared a van from the airport with me, and I just want to say that I love them both.

Could the Arrested Development crossover ever happen?

I hear world-reknowned analrapist Tobias Funke is free these days, but I’m thinking it’s still a long-shot. If you’re really jazzed about the idea, send your request letters to ABC’s Steve McPherson. If he’s on board, I’m sure Bill will make it happen since Zach’s been bothering him about it for years.

Is there any air date for season 8? I know it’s a mid-season start.
As of now, cast and crew are still expecting a mid-season start, but don’t know if mid-season means January or February. ABC execs will probably make that decision down the road, so stay tuned.

Is there any date yet for the season seven DVD release?
The Scrubs DVD team is out here in the Bahamas, documenting this experience for the season eight DVD — shout out to Sean, Liz, Jake and Gabe — so I asked them and they said it will likely drop just a few weeks before Scrubs returns with new episodes… so I’m thinking we’ll be lucky if we get it in time for holiday gifting.

Will Scrubs start airing in HD?
It will. When the show bows on ABC, it will be available in HD!

Will there be more Scrubs blogs?
Indeed. I spoke with a member of the Scrubs team who apologized for the lack of blogs as of late. Because they can’t write about episodes until their airdate is close, and because they never know when their episodes are going to air, writing about their day-to-day experiences is sometimes hard. Plus, they’ve just been really busy. But, I was promised that there’s more to come… perhaps a series such as "a day in the life of a Scrubs gaffer" or "a day in the life of the Scrubs set designer." There could be contests as well. If you’ve got ideas, email me and I’ll pass them on to the powers that be.

Could there be a spin-off? Legal custodians perhaps?
Bill says he’s not too sure about doing a spin off, but he does intend to work with every single Scrubs actor again in some capacity. "They’re all just too hyper-talented," he told me. Said Zach, "In terms of working with Bill, I feel like there’s such a good collaboration, so we’ll look for ways to continue that."

Alright, kids, I’m off to relish the rest of my last full day in the beautiful Bahamas with Zach Braff and crew, but come back Monday for a look at my exclusive travel pics. I promise good stuff, good stuff.
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