Zachbraff_scrubs_s8_240 This week’s “Scrubs” was maybe not as high-larious as the past two, Bahamas-based episodes were, but the return of two of the show’s better recurring guests (and a cameo by a young, up-and-coming actress familiar to readers of this site) made it quite enjoyable nonetheless.

The show almost had an obligation to circle back to Kim (Elizabeth Banks) and the issue of J.D.’s fatherhood before it ended. It would have been too big a hole in the story just to leave with “He gets to see Sam when he can.”

But to bring our hero’s old nemesis, Sean (Scott Foley, and a raised glass to the folks at “The Unit” for letting him do the guest spot), back into the picture was inspired. Sean has always brought out the insecure brat in J.D., and the way Zach Braff plays it, it’s almost always been excellent comedy. See, for instance, J.D.’s effort to compliment Sean — “Look at you. You’re a beautiful man” — and Sean’s stone-faced refusal to reciprocate. Braff’s delivery of the next line, “You beautiful sonuvabitch,” just killed.

For that matter, so did Sean’s petulant responses to everything J.D. did, from repeatedly asserting his rival said “good” during their first awkward moment to refusing to let J.D.’s befouling of his yogurt go. It was very nice to have Foley back on the show this week. Here’s a video-type example:

And, not to bury the lead, but “My Cuz” also set up what will likely be the focus of the final episodes: J.D. leaving Sacred Heart. It seemed like a bit of an abrupt decision — “I think I’m gonna move here” — but I think the show has done enough work over the years exploring J.D.’s desire not to turn into an absentee dad that it would have worked even without his little talk to Kim about being a good dad.

Kenjenkins_scrubs_s8_240 The B- and C-stories, with Turk hounding Cox into naming him the new chief of surgery and Kelso self-treating after being admitted with a stomach virus, also worked pretty well. The Turk story seemed to come a little bit out of nowhere — “Scrubs” has never intimated that he was anything but an excellent surgeon, but isn’t he a little young for the job? — but it also showed Turk at his most annoyingly confident and charming, which of course only made Cox that much angrier, and that too is good comedy.

Involving Kelso in that story a little bit helped as well, because his own plot tonight was slightly sad, if not surprising. There has to be something other than free muffins keeping ol’ Bob hanging around the hospital, so as with J.D. and his parental situation, it feels right to touch on his feeling a little lost before the show ends.

And, I would be remiss not to mention the “Scrubs” debut of my colleague Korbi Ghosh. Didja catch her as the nurse who asked Kelso why he was checking into the hospital? She got one line — “For what?” — and a pretty decent reaction shot as Kelso puked his guts out. I sense big things for her. (And in all seriousness, if you haven’t read Korbi’s very sweet and heartfelt post about her cameo, you should. It’s good stuff.)

Other notes from “My Cuz”:

  • I enjoyed the running bit that gave the episode its title. As J.D. explains, when two guys have a common sexual partner, that makes them weiner cousins, a club that has its own handshake and an apparently rather large membership at Sacred Heart that includes Snoop Dogg Attending, Dr. Beardface and Turk(!). Any guesses as to how Turk might be “cousins” with that other guy?

  • None of the “cousin” stuff, however, made me laugh as hard as when Elliot shared her excitement at being Kim’s bajingo sister. I had to pause the DVR for a good 30 seconds there.
  • Hands up, anyone who’s surprised that J.D. takes the “play” in foreplay a little too literally. No one? Yeah, me either.
  • Janitor line of the night, after Todd asks him how married life is: “You have to make compromises. … My wife is allergic to raccoons, so I had to throw out my comforter.”
  • And my personal favorite line, Turk to Cox: “I know we don’t always get along, but in my defense, it’s because you’re a huge jackass.”

What did you think of “Scrubs” this week, and of the returns of Sean and Kim? How do you think J.D.’s decision to move will affect the final episodes?

Posted by:Rick Porter