Picture it: Los Angeles, 2002, a television-obsessed dork (yes, me) visits Hollywood for the first time, and thanks to a well-connected friend — whom you will find groping Judy Reyes in a photo below — spends her inaugural day in LaLa Land on the set of the freshman series Scrubs. She gets to watch them shoot scenes, she hangs out in the writers room, she eats lunch at the same table as Sarah Chalke and she can hardly believe how nice Zach Braff is being to her. Fully enamored by the experience, she moves to L.A. just months later… Cut to 2004, she gets her first job writing about television when she sees executive producer Bill Lawrence at an NBC event and he gives her the scoop on upcoming guest star, Colin Farrell

Needless to say, Scrubs holds a very special place in my TV geek heart. Given the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas with cast and crew for their big season eight episode last week, my stalker-fan adventure with the show has now come full circle. As promised, I’ve posted a few pictures of the working vacation below for your peeping pleasure. We’ve also put together a full photo gallery. Please enjoy…

001 'Scrubs' Travel Pics: Sacred Heart Friends Hang In The BahamasKen Jenkins, Sam Lloyd, Judy Reyes, John C. McGinley, Sarah Chalke, Zach Braff and Christa Miller get cozy on a Hope Town dock with the men in charge, Bill Lawrence and producer Randall Winston. Somehow, the cast (and producers) managed to stay pretty in the blazing hot Bahamian sun. No small feat. Though entranced by all the surrounding natural beauty, I was still a sweaty mess. Not cute, no.

007 3 'Scrubs' Travel Pics: Sacred Heart Friends Hang In The Bahamas
After a long day’s work, cast and crew gathered at Hope Town’s Harbour’s Edge, where they had actually shot several scenes that morning (the food, by the way, fantastic). I spotted Zach across the bar from me and just had to get this shot of him and his beer. He gamely obliged. Thank you, Mr. Braff. Truth be told, I was nervous to ask him and made my buddy take it.

011 'Scrubs' Travel Pics: Sacred Heart Friends Hang In The BahamasNever one to disappoint an adoring fan, Rob Maschio embraces his alter-ego, giving me “The Todd” treatment. His girlfriend Amanda tells me that he often puts on The Todd persona when recognized, and she’s all, “What’re you doing?! You’re not like that!” Indeed, Rob Maschio is a sweet man. Sorry to blow your cover, dude.

Did Sam Lloyd forget his sunscreen or is this simply a product of the stellar Scrubs‘ makeup team? Either way, he puts an excruciating frown on for me as I snap his pic. The guitar? It’s his, but he brought it to the Bahamas to be featured in one of his hilarious scenes.

016 'Scrubs' Travel Pics: Sacred Heart Friends Hang In The Bahamas
Easily one of the finest comedic actresses on television today, Sarah Chalke also happens to be one of the sweetest, most genuine people in the business. Ask anyone who’s had the pleasure of an encounter with the Canadian-born lady, she’s friendly (and accommodating to reporters) without fail…  I was so bewitched by her smile that I forgot to ask her if she’s Ted Mosby’s baby mama or not! Damn.

012 'Scrubs' Travel Pics: Sacred Heart Friends Hang In The Bahamas
Neil Flynn and Kit Pongetti (the Janitor’s Lady) make a handsome couple, no? I had the pleasure of sharing a ride from the airport to the ferry dock with these two. Couldn’t have been more excited when I ran into Kit at the bar the following night and she greeted me by name! By the way, if you’re a fan of My Boys, you may have spotted Ms. Pongetti in this Summer’s second episode, which is currently re-airing on TBS.

Sam Lloyd gets some after-hours love from Writer’s Assistant, Melody Derloshon, and Scrubs‘ personal courier, Brian Davison. Brian’s daily task? To wake up at the crack of dawn, get dropped off at the ferry (by golf cart, no cars in Hope Town), take the ferry to a nearby island, catch a cab to the airport, hop on a flight to Fort Lauderdale where he would then rent a car and drive to a post house in Miami to drop of the previous day’s film. Mhmmm. He would then repeat the trek in reverse order, arriving back in Hope Town just in time for a night of conch and beer.

A bikini-clad Judy Reyes basks in the adoration of her biggest fan, assistant production coordinator, Jared Weisfelner. If you’re wondering whether or not you’ll see the Scrubs‘ ladies in sexy swimming attire for this Bahamian ep, the answer is yes. Although Carla does sport a frumpy mom suit, much to Turk’s chagrin, before switching into this barely-there number.

014 'Scrubs' Travel Pics: Sacred Heart Friends Hang In The Bahamas
And since Scrubs does have that “the men must bare as much skin as the women” rule, the boys get half naked too. My only regret, I missed getting a shot of The Todd in his hot banana hammock…

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