This time next week we’ll all be waxing philosophical around our respective water coolers about the eighth season premiere of Scrubs, why it’s still one of the funniest shows on television, whether or not Zach Braff is still sexy, etc. etc.

But a week can be a long time to wait. January 6th is a lifetime away. And so, the good people at Scrubs have cooked up a little New Year’s gift for those of us craving some Sacred Heart asap. Starting tomorrow, will begin streaming all-new Scrubs scenes, introducing the five new interns joining the show this season (though we won’t see much of Aziz AnsariAmy Poehler‘s co-star in the Office spin off that’s not a spin off — I’m assuming because he’s so big time). But the regular S.H. staff we know and love, including J.D., Elliot, Dr. Cox, Turk, Carla, The Todd, Ted and Kelso are totally on board, spending some quality time orientating the new newbies.

I returned from my Christmas vacation last night, only to find a beautiful gray envelope stuck to my apartment door, with a DVD preview of the webisodes and a note from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence inside. Yeah, that’s right, I get notes from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, no big deal… Anyway, I popped that DVD in and saw some seriously good stuff in these mini eps, which they’re calling Interns. Ted the sweaty lawyer’s a cappella group sings the theme song!

You will have to be patient, because is only rolling out one each week. But having already seen several of them, I can tell you what to expect. The first, like so many "pilots," intros the new characters and sets the scene, so it’s sort of slow. I tell you this because I don’t want you to be disappointed and dismiss the subsequent webisodes, some of which contain comedy gold (directed, incidentally, by Bill Lawrence’s real life assistant, Eren Celeboglu). My favorites? A brilliant lecture by J.D., explaining hospital vernacular and various acronyms to the impressionable new interns (you can imagine), the introduction of a lady for Ted the lawyer (yes, Ted the lawyer has a lady now… don’t get confused, her name is not "Lady," but she’s a cute lady who sings a catchy little tune), and the appearance of Nobody’s Watching‘s Taran Killam — aka Cobie Smulders‘ baby daddy to be — as Jimmy the overly touchy orderly (the guy is good, really good. I now totally get why Smulders went for it).

Also, my friends, I don’t want anyone to lose their mind or cry (joyous tears) after reading this — but as you may have guessed, given the title of this post — the Legal Custodians dream is alive and well in these webisodes. It is very much alive and well.

So, you know, watch. Go to on January 1st and keep returning each week for more, because as I said, there’s some really good stuff there… especially for dedicated Scrubs fans.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh