Sarahchalke_scrubs_s8_240 Let’s say you’ve been working for eight years in an abandoned hospital in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, largely ignored by your peers when it came to all the good work you’ve been doing. Wouldn’t you feel like you deserved a vacation in the Bahamas too?

That’s kind of what this two-part “Scrubs” feels like, and it’s hard to blame the cast and crew for that. But I get the feeling that just as most of the episode took place at Sacred Heart, most of the island-based comedy is being held over until next week.

My skin just drinks in the spoilers.

While the stuff in Hope Town (where my unbelievably lucky colleague Korbi got to join the cast, not that I’m jealous or anything, oh no) was mostly setup for next week, the episode did deliver a good, solid dose of Elliot neurosis, and it helped carry a lot of the comedy through the half-hour.

She and J.D. have been getting along swimmingly lately, so much so that she just up and tells him that she loves him, and that their future together is the last thing she thinks about before bed and the first thing she thinks of in the morning. Touched, J.D. returns the sentiment.

Only, he doesn’t do it well enough for her. Elliot, being, well, Elliot, strategized how to tell J.D. she loves him, taking copious notes before settling on “the fake-spontaneous blurting thing,” and now she wants J.D. to be equally obsessive and do the same thing for her — provided it’s not too soon, or in front of other people, and it happens while she’s wearing something that highlights her eyes.

It’s all entirely ridiculous — particularly given that at the top of the episode, she notes how great it is to be dating J.D. again because they’ve done it before and there’s no drama this time. It’s also pretty darn funny, given Sarah Chalke’s talent for bringing all of Elliot’s issues right to the surface without playing her so nutty as to be completely unlikable.

Zachbraff_scrubs_s8_240 J.D.’s eventual response, that it shouldn’t matter how he says it as long as they both know how they feel, is sensible enough — but dude should really know better than to think Elliot’s going to accept that. He’s known her for that long and dated her several times, so he should know that even if she acknowledges what she’s doing is weird, she still expects in-kind weirdness in return.

All the other couples on the show are facing their own problems — Carla’s separation anxiety and Turk’s desire to have one last kid-free moment, the ongoing Cox-Jordan battle of oneupsmanship — so we have some classic “Scrubs” parallelism to sort out next week, along with the nuptials for the Janitor (will we finally learn his name?) and Lady, which is what brought everyone to the Bahamas in the first place.

Oh, and about that: They’re not supposed to be there. The Janitor just wanted the gifts, so he delivered invitations to his wedding in another country three days before it happened. J.D., of course, ruined everything, and now Elliot has Lady excited about a big ceremony, which means the Janitor’s urge to kill J.D. is definitely on the rise. So long as this gives Neil Flynn more room to improv next week, I’m down.

Other highlights from this week:

  • After a run of episodes where one or more regulars have been absent, it was nice to see the full cast — plus Ted and Todd — all together again.
  • Is this the first we’ve heard of Elliot’s anti-redhead bias? (“They’re God’s mistakes, J.D. Accept it.”) At any rate, I love the fact that it almost doesn’t need explanation — it’s just another layer in the onion of oddness that is Dr. Reid.
  • Neil Flynn riff of the night, after Lady asks if he’d ever been in love before: “Once. She was a janitor. For her the mop always came first, you know — and that was fine. Until one day I come home from work early, and there they are in bed. They were just cuddling, but still. It’s really the emotional betrayal [choking up] that makes it hard to talk about …”
  • Some good Todd action tonight, from his horning in on the vacation to the explanation of his high-fiving prowess (his professor at a Bahamian med school was the world’s best high-fiver) to the banana-hammock shot on the beach, which at least on my TV was mercifully only from the waist up (I guess now that it’s an 8 o’clock show they can’t go full Speedo).
  • The Janitor’s invitations are addressed to “Black Doctor” and “Blonde Doctor.”
  • Nice little cameo from Barry Williams, and of course J.D. and Turk would be psyched about having replicas of the “Brady Bunch” tikis for their trip.
  • Turk tries to seduce Carla by evoking memories of the “underwater relations” they enjoyed on their honeymoon: “No one will see what we’re doing except the mermaids.” Carla: “For the last time, mermaids aren’t real.” Turk: “I know what I saw!”
  • Nice undercutting of the cheesecake shot of Chalke and Christa Miller in bikinis, as Jordan notes she’s “50 percent real — enjoy” and Elliot asks the guys to look now, because that’s all they’re getting — she’s off to go inhale a plate of conch fritters.

How’d you like the “Scrubs” jaunt to the Bahamas? Was Elliot’s insistence on J.D. expressing his love in a certain way too much, or just right for her?


Pics: Korbi and the ‘Scrubs’ cast in the Bahamas

Posted by:Rick Porter