sean avery rangers Sean Avery, Uptown Sports go head to head on gay marriage issueWith the frequency of homophobic remarks in the world of sports (intentional or not), it’s nice to see one athlete going out of his way to support gay rights.

]]>company’s Twitter account (Um, hello — fired?) to voice his opinion on Avery’s LGBT backing. “Very sad to read Sean Avery’s misguided support of same-gender ‘marriage,’ he tweeted. “Legal or not, it will always be wrong.” Reynolds represents Carrie Underwood’s hubby Mike Fisher, as well as Jonathan Bernier of the LA Kings. Naturally, the management company has received significant kickback from Twitter users and the media. In an attempt to “clarify,” Reynolds continued: “To clarify. This is not hatred or bigotry towards gays. It is not intolerance in any way shape or form. I believe we are all equal… But I believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This is my personal viewpoint. I Do not hate anyone.’ Just a thought, but if it’s a personal viewpoint, maybe keep it to a personal account rather than a professional one. As for claiming those comments are not “intolerance” — Is it, in fact, possible to actively believe that we are “all equal” except for when it comes to legal rights? While the use of a company wide account to promote one persons beliefs is infuriating, we’re glad this issue is being brought to light. Many NHL fans have already voiced their displeasure with Reynolds’ comments, and we are still anxiously awaiting Avery’s response. Watch the PSA that sparked it all below. What do you think of Avery and Reynolds’ public statements?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci