sean combs gi Sean Combs launches new music station RevoltSean Combs is expanding his empire with Revolt, a new, music-focused cable channel that will be carried in about 25 million homes starting this fall.
Talking about the dearth of music on TV — MTV anyone? — Combs is setting out to create a new kind of music station.
“This is the hardest, most stressful thing I have ever done in my life,” Combs said at a breakfast at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills Friday (July 26). “It literally almost drove me crazy two weeks ago.”
For years people have talked about how television is dying, but Combs says he realizes it’s the opposite. He says TV is everywhere — “on the toilet, in the trains” — and he recognized there was an opportunity to be tapped.

The channel’s name, of course, lends itself to the inevitable tagline: “The revolution will be televised.”
It’s the first multi-platform, music channel built from the ground up. There will be studios in Hollywood and New York and the 24-hour station will cover music constantly.

But is there enough to go around?
“There is definitely a market for doing it so aggressively,” says Keith Clinkscales, the CEO of Revolt. “You cannot talk about music enough.”
“Go back 33 years when ESPN started,” he says. “People said there was not enough sports. There is plenty to cover.”
He plans blocks of music news, videos, music blocks and the flagship show, “Revolt Live.” Viewers will join the show, using “Skype-like devices,” Clinkscales says. 
“It’s ‘SportsCenter’ with beats,” he says.
They also plan to tap into musicians and crew who tape goings-on backstage, and air concerts and music awards shows.
“The MTV Music Awards?” Clinkscales says. “We are going to be all over that.”
“We are going to report the news,” he says. “Our goal is to be a journalistic endeavor. We want to make sure we are news, focusing it through the prism of music.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler