In a video for Christian website I am Second, former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe opens up about his time both on his own show and “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard, both of which Lowe was hesitant to participate in.

“Never in a million years did I think I would do a cheesy reality TV show about love. … Guys go on there and get drunk, and there’s the fantasy suite and there’s sex and nudity. It just didn’t seem like something that represented me,” says Lowe.

But he says that he made some good friends in the other contestants and then eventually he developed real feelings for Emily. “I can see myself being her husband, and she had a young daughter and I thought, ‘Wow, God has used this reality TV show to introduce me to my wife and my future daughter.’ And after about six weeks of being on the show, I knew that I loved her.”
Getting his heart broken by Emily made him hesitant yet again, but eventually, through his family’s encouragement, Lowe decided to be the new “Bachelor,” which he admits felt really unnatural at times.

“It’s unnatural to date 25 women at one time and it felt wrong. A lot of the time it felt wrong. I wrestled with it quite a bit thinking, ‘I’m pretty sure God opened this door but what if he didn’t? … What if people look at me and they say, “This is what is wrong with Christianity?”‘ That was a big fear.”

He goes on to talk about his experience with his now-wife Catherine Giudici and how he decided when he was 24 that he wasn’t going to have sex with anyone until he was married.

“Somewhere along the line, probably because people did know that I was a Christian, somebody thought to ask the question, ‘How’s the sex?’ or “Are you guys waiting for marriage?’ … and I answered it honestly: Catherine and I are not having sex until marriage. From that moment forward, it was just a firestorm. Every tabloid had me on the cover and they labeled me as the ‘virgin Bachelor,'” says Lowe, adding that everyone seemed to “view [him] as a weirdo.”

But he’s glad he made the choices he did and he hopes that somebody out there was affected by his story.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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