sean parker wedding alexandra lenas spat upon gi Sean Parker and wife Alexandra Lenas 'spat upon' after wedding

Napster co-founder Sean Parker and his new wife, Alexandra Lenas, should be filled with joy and elation following their recent wedding. Unfortunately, that’s just not happening.
The June 1 ceremony, in California’s Big Sur, has attracted a lot of attention from environmentalists after the California Coastal Commission released a report saying the festivities had caused environmental damage.
As part of the ceremony, Parker had fake stone walls built, along with a bridge over a pond. The commission, a local conservation group, says the building wasn’t good for the area, the Guardian reports. It seems Parker also didn’t have the proper permits for the building, though he worked closely with a local charity during the construction.
Once the report was released, things got severe. “We are being spat upon by complete strangers while walking together on the street,” Parker says of he and his wife, “Cursed at by a waiter in a restaurant who had read bogus media reports about our wedding, and told by complete strangers that we should get our divorce papers ready since our marriage clearly isn’t going to last.”
Since the report, Parker has been in contact with the commission and come to an agreement top put the matter to rest. He will donate $1 million to the group, with an additional $1.5 million to build campgrounds for underprivileged children.
While Parker had to cancel his honeymoon to deal with the backlash he and Lenas were receiving, the billionaire still looks back fondly on their special day. “The ceremony was spiritual, intimate, and private,” he says.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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