sean penn horizontal Sean Penn charged with battery, vandalism in paparazzi scuffle
Sean Penn is being charged with two misdemeanor counts — one battery and one vandalism —  for a fight with the paparazzi in October 2009.
If convicted, Penn could face 18 months in jail.

]]>The scuffle got started when a paparazzi pack was snapping pictures of Penn in Brentwood. 

Penn got POed, launched a few F-bombs, kicked a camera guy and allegedly broke his camera. Shades of Kanye West and his LAX pap incident.

Sadly for Penn, the incident was captured on video (always a problem when you attack the paparazzi), which was handed over to the city attorney’s office for review.
An arraignment date of March 22 has been set. Penn, however, does not have to appear because the charges are misdemeanors. Which means the paps won’t be there either.
Photo credits: WireImage