sean young catsuit Sean Young dons Catwoman suit for David LettermanSean Young has a message for the world. The gist of it is that the supposedly difficult and possibly crazy actress is neither difficult nor crazy, but totally ready for work in both movies and series TV.

“I’m pretty sweet and wonderful and likeable,” said Young in a Tuesday (Oct. 4) interview on the “Late Show with David Letterman.” “It’s time for people to reach out to me because I’m shy.”

When Letterman asks why she hasn’t been able to find steady work (aside from stints on “Skating with the Stars” and “Celebrity Rehab”) in decades, Young admits, “Could’ve been that Catwoman thing.”

That would be the time Young turned up, uninvited, in full Catwoman costume to lobby Tim Burton for the role in “Batman Returns.”

“Well, let’s see,” said Young, “When we got in a limo to get up to talk about it with the director at Warner Bros. several, several years ago they asked who was in the limo and I said, ‘Catwoman.’ And they let us in and I sort of barged in and said ‘I think you guys should talk to me,’ because I had been in the first one and broke my arm so I thought they could give me five minutes of their time and they didn’t, so I sort of slapped their hands and they got petty on me and they don’t call me anymore.”

Young was originally cast as Vicki Vale in Burton’s 1989 Michael Keaton-fronted “Batman,” but was replaced by Kim Basinger when she broke her arm after falling off of a horse.

Young, who clearly called in a big favor from Dave for the chance to sit down with him on camera, adds that part of her trouble finding work is that men don’t like a woman who stands up for herself.

But, hey Hollywood moguls, she doesn’t do that now.

“I had it surgically removed from my mind,” she says. “I don’t stand up for myself anymore.”

She also gives a clue as to what kinds of roles she’d consider: “Eccentric parts would be very fun, too.”

Then, to our horror, she dons a Catwoman suit for a taped skit we’re pretty sure was her own brainchild. As Dave says, we’re sure the calls will start pouring in.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson