When last we saw the Los Angeles ladies of The L Word, there were a lot of loose ends that still beg to be tied in this sixth and final season.

Helena returned and bought what was once The Planet. Tasha and Alice were flirting with other girls. Bette and Tina were reunited (and it’s feeling so good). Meanwhile, Jodi showcased her woman scorned art piece, "Core," and slammed Bette. (How a deaf woman put together such an audio-intensive piece, I still don’t understand.)

"Lez Girls," the "too gay" film wrapped up and a party ensued in celebration. Jenny, banned from the event, crashes the party and thanks her friends for their loyalty, just as we see her best friend, Shane, making out with Jenny’s love, Nikki.

Turn the spoiler alert on because this week, in "Long Night’s Journey Into Day," creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken adds to the cast with another lesbian heartbreaker, Xena Warrior police sergeant Lucy Lawless, er, MaryBeth Duffy. Why is she there? To investigate the death of — gasp! — Jenny Schecter. The love-her/hate-her character is DOA within the first minute of the show. Maybe Jenny had what was coming to her, but we don’t find out right away. So as we leave her lifeless body, with not a spot of eye makeup out of place, right there in the living room in front of everyone, let’s flashback to three months earlier or, as we know it, where we last left off and move forward.

Jenny refers to Shane’s very intimate moment with Nikki as the ultimate betrayal. Shane begs Jenny to let her explain why it happened, but Shane seems as emotionless as she has the many, many other times that she just couldn’t control herself.

After Jenny tosses her out of the house, "profoundly ashamed" Shane wanders around town (at 3 a.m.)with her grocery bag through the storyline and ties together other subplots including, Bette and Tina with Angelica and her high fever; Kit and Helena’s new venture, HIT!; and Alice and Tasha trying to decide whether or not to break up or stay together.

There are still seven episodes left and before it’s all over, in addition to Poppy and Molly (who both showed up in the premiere), other former characters will return to the story including, Tim (Eric Mabius), Peggy Peabody (Holland Taylor), Marina (Karina Lombard), Ivan (Kelly Lynch) and Carmen (Sarah Shahi).

In this half-season, hopefully Chaiken and the cast can wrap it all up in a nice lipstick package and have answers to:

Will Jenny move out of the house she shares with Shane?
Will Shane get back together with Molly?
Is it the end of the road for Alice and Tasha?
Will Bette and Tina make it legal?
Will Angie get a sibling?

And most importantly:

Will "Who killed Jenny?" be the "Who shot J.R.?" for the new millennium?

Will the final episode of "The L Word" be disappointing or historic?

And will there be a spin-off with Alice (as has been rumored)?

Posted by:Christine Badowski