tim phillipps 2 'Secret Circle' casts 'Once Upon a Time's' Tim Phillipps, and he has a yachtOur No. 1 requirement for potential suitors: He must own a yacht.

Mark us down as intrigued for “The Secret Circle‘s” latest piece of eye-candy. E! Online reports that Tim Phillipps, an Australian actor, has been cast as Grant, a preppy, worldly newcomer to Chance Harbor who sails in on a yacht.

As per usual, though, he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve. (We look forward to the day when we get a casting tip that says “The character arrives, makes a good impression, and turns out to be exactly who he appears to be!”) Grant will first appear in episode 16, and there’s definite potential for a return engagement.

Phillipps most recently appeared on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” as Sean Herman, the modern-world incarnation of Cinderella’s boy toy Prince Thomas.

The important question is: once he arrives in Chance Harbor, will he speak in his Aussie accent? Will it be acknowledged?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie