secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: And We're Not Talking Personal BaggageSo, Adam is so much more compelling now that he doesn’t remember loving Cassie. Eben’s back though and huntin’ witches. John asks Cassie to play mini-golf, erasing the 16 years of her life that he missed. They’re totally fine now! Grant comes back to town and takes Diana out, which makes Adam jealous. It turns out that Grant lied about his background. He’s just on the crew of a boat — he doesn’t own it. The guy that Eben was chasing hides out in Jake’s house and they tussle when Jake gets home. Cassie sees the fight from next door and uses her black magic to knock the guy out. When he comes to, he says that he’s looking for John to tell him that Eben is resurrecting demons. Faye and Melissa help Adam with a hockey banquet at the Boathouse. The girls compete for a boy (Kyle again, bravo to the casting directors; he’s totally yum) and Adam helps Melissa with a spell that captivates the guy. Then, he helps Faye play darts really well, which steals the attention back. Then, Kyle’s girlfriend shows up and Adam goes loco and punches the guy. The witch hunter guy, who has CW’s most indecipherable accent, reveals that John had once tried to sacrifice a human to revive demons. He was going to use their power to fight his enemies.

John gets the entire Circle together, but he takes the accented guy to a field and draws a circle around him which traps him, because he’s already housing a demon like the kind that Heather Barnes had inside her. Eben shows up and throws John around. He’s about to kill him when the Circle shows up. The demon guy comes after them and almost strangles Cassie when John pops up and, as Dawn said earlier, dude’s got mad magic. But, then, I’m not sure if Eben was harvesting demons or what, but now he’s got them and he ran away before anybody could get him. He’s not going to hide his magic anymore. It’s time to win the war with the witch hunters and they need the family crystals to defeat the demons. Grant gets Diana to agree to give him one more chance. After everyone is safe at home, John is yet again up to silliness, digging up a grave.

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