secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Cat Got Your Tongue?Nick and Melissa have been working hard to learn how to take her clothes off with magic. I’m really proud of those kids. Cassie looks up information about Heather Barnes, her mother’s friend and an acquaintance of Zachary Larson. Cassie finds out that Heather has a brother and decides to go find him. Adam agrees to take her. Faye still hates being bound to the other witches.

Adam and Cassie go to Finn Creek to look for Heather’s brother. It’s a bad part of town and we know that because there is evidence of rust and weathering. They find Heather, who has apparently been in a catatonic state for 16 years. It’s creepy. Her brother is creepy too. Suddenly, Heather lunges and grabs Cassie’s arm and says her name. Lots of pants with **** in them at that point. Heather goes right back to being catatonic and Cassie sees an imprint/tattoo thing on the inside of her wrist. Cassie shows Adam her family book. Faye is not happy about Nick and Melissa dating.

Cassie looks for a spell that can help Heather. Diana intervenes and says that it’s too risky to try a spell of that magnitude. Melissa sees Nick talking to another girl and freaks out, though she didn’t freak out when he treated her like actual crap for the longest time. Cassie gets Faye to join her and they go back to Heather’s place. They sneak in and find Heather sitting in her chair. Her brother should really put a pillow behind her head. The girls try a spell, but it doesn’t seem to work. They sneak out just as her brother gets home. Later that night, Heather comes back to life and she’s pissed. She throws her brother against and walks out.

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