secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Crystal LiteNow everyone is on a quest to find their family crystals. They set out for their respective grandparents’ houses as a first resort. Diana bails so that she can go on a super romantic date with Grant. Callum tries to mack on Melissa but Jake tells him to eff off, thus switching Callum’s evil focus from Melissa to Jake. He follows Jake, Cassie and Faye on his evil motorbike to Jake’s grandparents’ house, where Cassie finds a piece of paper with the names and birthdates of all of the Circle Jerks. Jake’s grandpa shows up and is all doom and gloom about how the Circle is going to die. He says that John was interested in having multiple children in the next Circle. Hmm. Then Jake says something about how Isaac mentioned that there was more than one child of John’s in the Circle. ALSO, Faye read her mom’s diary and found out that she was hooking up with John back in the day. Callum breaks into Grandpa’s house when no one is looking and makes off with the map to where the old crazy guy hid his crystal.

John and Charlie have a tense meeting where John tries to get him to join in helping defeat the witch hunters. He refuses and they threaten each other. Then Charlie goes to Jane (who is FINALLY back from the Home for the Neurologically Demised) and they plan to kill John.

Diana has to ditch her date in the middle. Cassie had inadvertently taken a picture of the crystal map, so she sends it to Melissa and Adam and they go to the site, which is an abandoned iron mine but with working electricity. The find the crystal and Adam almost falls into a pit, which provides for a close moment between this new duo. Are the writers finally focusing a little on their Secret Circle secret weapon, Melissa? Let’s hope so. But then, Callum finds them and he’s got a gun. The rest of the Circle shows up and hear a gunshot that happens when Adam and Callum struggle. Cassie can’t enter the mine because Jake’s grandfather put a spell on it preventing her dark magic to enter. Callum tries to speed off and Faye attempts to stand in front of the bike and stop it with her own magic (because now she thinks she’s a Blackwell). Nothing happens but Cassie shows up and stops the bike. They take Callum out of town and mark him and tell him they’ll know if he ever comes back to Chance Harbor.

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