secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Enchantment Under The Charred Remains of The GymCassie and Diana try to change the color of Diana’s dress for the big winter school dance, but instead they set it on fire. Damn dark magic. Adam confesses to his DWILF that he has feelings for Cassie. At school, Diana looks a little uncomfortable seeing Adam and Cassie chatting. Cassie and Adam start researching her father and find out that he lived at the abandoned house that they use for their witchy pow-wows. She also finds out that Faye stole a page from her family’s Book of Shadows.

Lee tells Faye that he can help her get her solo powers back. He proposes that they steal Cassie’s powers in order to do that. They steal this necklace from Cassie’s house, then go to school (where the dance is taking place) and perform this weird ritual that involves a giant red star on the floor of a classroom and Faye taking her dress off. Cassie tries to talk to Ethan (who is allowed to chaperone the dance after maybe two weeks on the wagon — Chance Harbor does not know how to care for its children) about her father, but he tells her not to go there. He says her mother wouldn’t approve of her digging for info, but she replies that she doesn’t get a say anymore. Touch�. She gets Cassie’s power, which makes Diana, Adam and Melissa start passing out. Then, she accidentally sets the gym on fire. When she sees that she’s making the others sick, she demands that Lee tell her how to reverse the spell. Melissa passed out in the bathroom before the fire started and Cassie tries to save her but she passes out in the smoke. She and Melissa both wake up on the school lawn. The Circle confronts Faye and she has the nerve to actually get defensive. Why does Cassie get to almost kill people and it’s OK but it’s a big deal when she does it? Faye goes to Lee’s and tells him that she is done with the Circle. It looks like there might be some sexy time happening soon with those two.

Cassie sees a phantom Jake hanging around, but it keeps turning out to not be him. After the fire, Adam and Cassie are at the abandoned house where Cassie has found, in the basement, an etching of the same sign that Faye had used to draw out her dark magic. She wonders if maybe her father was trying to get rid of his own dark stuff. After a little tug of war with her Book of Shadows, Adam and Cassie finally kiss, only to be interrupted by some boots clomping down the stairs. It’s Jake. For real.

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