secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Fooled By The Rocks That They GotJane is actually dead. We begin at a post-funeral gathering at her house. Cassie tells Diana that, if it’s true that the two of them are sisters, she’d be happy. That’s sweet. She then tries to comfort herself by making out with Adam, but he’s not into it. John manages to convince Cassie that witch hunters killed Jane and this makes her all dark magic crazy mad. Charlie doesn’t come to the wake because he has the good manners not to show up at the funeral of someone he killed. Diana talks to Charlie and finds out that, yep, he and her mother were broken up right around the time of her conception. Jake and Faye steal pills from Dawn in order to just, you know, feel better and the pill bottle actually contains Faye’s family crystal (also, this discovery occurs as they’re getting it on — old habits die hard).

Then, at 7 Briar Hill, this weird thing happens where this table spins around by itself and a crystal sinks into it and disappears. The Circle thinks that witch hunters stole it to keep them from collecting their crystal puzzle and Jake decides that it would be a good idea to talk to Isaac. He says that Isaac wouldn’t approve of Eben’s demon association and would likely help them. One of the young dudes, Ian, shows up and says that Isaac was killed by Eben. Cassie blames him for Jane’s death and starts to do her dark magic choking thing. Jake tries to stop her and she tosses him to the ground, but somehow it’s more effective when Diana gets in her face and says, “Stop!” Magic is so crazy.

John and Charlie fight at a coffee shop after Charlie finds out that John is Diana’s father. He decides to leave town with Diana and John convinces Dawn to talk to him. She does and suggests to Charlie that he should stay so they can get rid of John (not exactly what he had it mind).

Melissa and Adam are hanging out and, in an effort to find his family’s crystal, remembers the cloaking spell that his grandfather used to use. He’s just practicing on a coin when he uncovers a secret panel in his house. Meanwhile, the others are at an abandoned amusement park. They find Ian plus other witch hunter twinks who have been murdered. They deduce somehow that it was the witch that helped Eben summon the demons that did the killing. I seriously must have missed something because I don’t know how they came to that conclusion. Melissa and Adam find the crystal-locating map. Diana and Cassie talk about dark magic and how uncomfortable Diana is with it. Then, they see somebody running. They assume it’s the witch helping the hunters and stop him. IT’S NICK! I repeat, Nick is alive. I cannot wait for Melissa to get the news.

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