secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Home FiresSo, Jake’s there. He tells Cassie and Adam that he distracted or something the witch hunter from her. Because her power is too strong or something. Jake says that the last time things went ape **** was 16 years previous when the Chamber of Commerce of lame witches killed her father. Cassie wants to trust him against Adam’s judgment. Jake tells her that he was there the day of the fire with all of the dead folks. He was a baby, but thinks that Cassie can perform a spell to help him recall the details. She and Jake go to the site of the fire. Later, she performs a spell that takes the back to the boat. His head hurts so he can’t stay with her in the spell, but she stays and sees that some guy slits Jake’s dad’s throat, then puts his mom in a room with some ladies, one of whom has a slit throat herself. She’s sees her dad get set on fire by witchhunters and starts to choke on the smoke in the room with him. Later, she tells Adam that she saw Ethan, who had told Adam that he wasn’t on the boat the day of the fire.

Dawn sucks up to Diana to make Charlie like her, the horrible person that she is. No luck. Charles is done with her since she wanted to kill his mother. He also vows to find out what she’s up to. She tells Ethan that he choked her with magic and he vows to make Charlie pay. Charlie visits Ethan and he knocks him out. He steals Charlie’s crystal and does that water choking thing to him and doesn’t believe him when he says that it was Dawn who killed Henry Chamberlin. But, he doesn’t give Dawn the crystal when she asks for it.

Faye’s still fooling around with that Lee guy. She meets his friend Callum and finds out that they deal Purudenga, a devil-related drug. Well, dealt- Lee is no longer in the business. Callum gives some of the drug to Faye.

Cassie goes back to the actual boat and finds a necklace that her dad dropped. Then, she and Jake dig up her father’s grave and find a dog skeleton where his body should be.

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