secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: I Learned It By Witching YouThe show begins with Cassie packing her bags. She is moving home because Jane is returning home from the Clinic for the Open-Stayed Visits from the Neurologically Demised. Wow. That was epic. Diana is sad to see her go and Charlie seems a little weirded out when he hears that Jane is returning. Well, that was a lie. Jane is totally not coming home yet, but Cassie felt like she was imposing on Diana. At least they’re talking about it. She goes home and Jake is there. He’s worried about her. He found ash around her house, which means that the witch hunters are already out to kill her. She’s totally not into Jake right now, so she tells him to get out.

Then, she sees someone hanging around her door. The door opens, witch-like, and there’s a guy standing there. IT’S JOHN BLACKWELL. It’s freaking Jake from One Life To Live

as well as Mr. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He has an amazing haircut, so we can assume that the undercover witch life has been good to him. He tells Cassie that he needs to talk to her, but Adam arrives and they agree to meet later, though he tells her to keep mum about his presence. She totally tells Adam right away. She goes to see him later and he tells her that he felt her presence from the medallion when she unlocked it. He wants her to give it to him for her protection, but this makes her suspicious.

Callum pops into the Boathouse and invites Melissa to a party at his place. Faye is there and doesn’t even stop her. Whatever.

After Cassie’s chat with her dad, she gets kidnapped by Eben. Saw that coming. John is hanging around his old house, 7 Briar Hill, when Jake arrives. He’s of course like who the hell are you and John says that he’s Cassie’s father. Jake has been looking for her and can’t find her. They both rush out. Jake finds Cassie tied to a chair and surrounded by ash (prepped for witch-killing) in Eben’s lair. He tells him that he’ll bring John to them if they let Cassie go. He agrees.

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