secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Meaner Than A Junkyard DemonAs would be expected, the reappearance of Nick creates a lot of conversation. Melissa is eager to look at the development as a positive thing, but everyone reminds her that he’s probably just a demon in a Nick shell at this point.

Cassie has to go to the high school alone to look for Adam’s family’s crystal. Security there is really weak. She’s performing this blood trick thing when she sees a vision of her mother calling out for Elizabeth. Charlie gives Diana a necklace that belonged to her mother. But, enough with all that fluff — it’s prom night!

Nick shows up at 7 Briar Hill and tells Melissa that he wants the crystals — he says he’s dying. Then, Adam gets there and Nick throws Melissa to the ground and runs away. Diana sees Grant at the coffee shop and asks him to meet her at her house later. Charles gets this weird phone call (with some magic help from John) that replays the fire in the kitchen scene that happened to Amelia. He’s being haunted.

Diana and Cassie do the blood spell thing and see their mothers in high school. They were all still in high school with babies? They see an argument that their mothers had — Elizabeth blamed Amelia for bringing John in the Circle.

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