secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Over The Hills To Grandma's CovenIt has been FOREVER. Cassie is sleeping when she is visited in her room by Jake. He tells her that she can’t control the dark magic inside of her and insists that she’s evil. Then, she pushes him really hard and he starts to bleed out of his mouth. Real gross. Cassie wakes. Thank Hermione it was only a dream. When he won’t leave her alone, Cassie tells Adam about the dark magic stuff. He thinks it’s no big deal.

Charlie’s mother visits to check on Diana post-breakup with Adam. She visits Dawn and accuses her of having something to do with Henry’s death and Jane’s wackiness and vows to suss out her involvement, which freaks her out. Charles says that he will take care of it. Melissa is still the dark princess of Chance Harbor and it’s pretty amazing. Faye tries to convince her that they should look into getting their powers back. So, whoa, Adam tells Diana about the black magic stuff and she gets mad and pushes him and he starts to choke! No blood out of the mouth stuff, because she freaks out and says that she didn’t mean it and he stops choking. Weird. Doesn’t sound very “written in the stars” to me. Everyone questions her about what’s up and she gets upset but doesn’t kill anyone.

Dawn shows up for dinner at Charlie’s house and he’s afraid that she is going to try to poison his mother. Faye and Melissa go to this dude’s house to try to get their powers back and, as luck and the CW would have it, he’s a stone cold fox. And, he says that he can help them. He makes this bloody star on Faye’s chest and tells her to concentrate on something that she wants.

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