secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Rain, Rain, Come This WayWe begin with Cassie driving her car late at night, on an abandoned stretch of highway. Except it’s not so abandoned. A car recklessly careens past her causing her to be all like, “Are you kidding?” That car’s not kidding. A few seconds later, she gets a flat tire. Coincidence? Spooky music says no. Also, she gets out of the car and sees the fast car stopped on the road ahead of her. She waves for help but it speeds off. As she’s trying to change her tire, she talks to her mother, who is cooking for her at home. She wants to come meet Cassie, though neither of them is very good at changing tires. Suddenly, the car that zoomed past Cassie is outside of her house, watching her mom. With what appears to be special powers, the guy from Queer as Folk kills Cassie’s mom in a fire.

Next, teary Cassie is moving in with her grandma, into her mom’s old room. She has never visited before because her mom was upset about Cassie’s dad dying when she was just a baby. That night, as she’s getting ready for bed, she sees some hot, creepy, shirtless dude staring in her window from next door. She closes her curtains and walks away but turns around and they’re opened again!

At school, she meets Principal Chamberlain who says that she knew Cassie’s mother. A bunch of the kids at school have apparently been waiting for Cassie and it’s all very menacing. One dude, Adam, keeps giving her the eye and one amazing bitch, Faye, appears to unlock Cassie’s locker for her. “Nice girl” Diana shows up and offers to introduce Cassie to everyone at the Boathouse after school. She goes and meets this grizzled drunk, Ethan, who happens to Adam’s father. Ethan calls her “Amelia’s girl” and tells her that their families are written in the stars. Faye and her tagalong, Melissa, show up and weirdly taunt her about hooking up with Adam. She decides to leave and Faye makes her car set on fire, in the hopes that she’ll use some power to put the fire out. She doesn’t, but Adam saves her. He and Diana, who is his girlfriend, realize that Faye was to blame. Later that night, Diana confronts Faye at her house (she’s the Principal’s daughter!). Faye says that she didn’t intend to set the car on fire. It was Cassie’s energy that made it happen. They argue and Faye says that she will approach Cassie (apparently she’s necessary for the function of their own powers) any way she wants.

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