secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Requiem for a CircleJake and Faye wake up together. She looks really hot in her underwear but she is NOT JAKE. Jake, however, is Jake. And. And. And. Why is this TV? Why isn’t this HBO? They should win all the Emmys, these two. Stupid Cassie says that she felt an incredibly real connection with her father. She tells this to Diana. And, I’m OVER IT. Diana, luckily, is Meg Ryan circa 2015 and wants to have a vagina-free Valentine’s Day. It’s almost that time, FYI. So, she’s a distraction and has a party for the girls and just the girls. Just the witch girls.

In the most fraught manner possibly, Adam and Cassie agree to go on a date together. So, um, Cassie is getting something out of her car and there’s some dude with a sack over his head staring(?) at her, but she doesn’t see him. Lee pays Faye a visit. And, Isaac pays Jake a visit. He’s pretty pissed because he found out that witch hunters killed his parents. Isaac blames is all on John Blackwell. So much story. But, so little.In the basement on Briar Hill, Cassie’s staring at the symbol on the ceiling when she sees that guy with the hood on. She, thankfully and finally expressively, freaks out and runs upstairs where Adam stops her. He doesn’t see anything. She thinks it’s her dad, but Adam tries to talk her out of it, because he’s a freaking killjoy. Can’t even dream that a shrouded dude in your basement is your dad. THANKS.

At the girl party, Melissa gives Diana some of the spooky juice! And, she takes it! The trio do a spell to make the pizza guy who is arriving soon very hot and it ends up being Lee, who is, of course, very hot. Diana kisses him, but then it’s all a little embarrassing. The real pizza guy shows up and their spell effing WORKED. He’s the cutest guy ever. Then, Cassie shows up and is the wet blanket.

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