secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Requiem for a CircleStill no sign from Jane. Seriously, this is ridiculous. They should maybe consider not starting each show highlighting Cassie’s domestic situation, as it’s getting less realistic than the witch stuff or someone looking like her and being considered an outsider in high school. Apparently, she told Diana that she and Jake dug up her father’s grave. Adam’s sort of CRAZY when he finds out. It all boils down to him just really hating Jake, and can you blame him? In any other world — and I mean world — Adam would be the cutest guy around. But, then Jake comes along and balls shrivel and voices crack. I get it.

This woman named Lucy Gibbons shows up at Cassie’s house and it turns out she was the person who saw and spoke to Cassie when she was travelling back in Jake’s memory to the day of the fire. She warns Cassie that witchhunters are asking about her. Charlie confronts Dawn, who has a strange cut on her hand, about getting Ethan to go after him. He sounds like he wants to kill her. Ethan asks for Diana’s help planning a surprise birthday party for Adam and she agrees, but not before Adam hears them talking. Surprise ruined. At 7 Briar Hill, Jake and Cassie fool around with the medallion that she found on the boat, in an effort to unleash its power. Wind starts to whip around in the basement and she tells Jake to run – but instead, he tackles her, breaking whatever spell was happening. Lame. Also, lame? Adam walking in at that moment and seeing them on the floor together and thinking it’s what it looks like. Cassie tells him about Lucy’s visit and that witch hunters are coming after them.

Faye, always such a good friend, gives Melissa that devil’s tooth powder or whatever. Jake and Cassie go to Lucy who says that she can find the medallion spell for them. After they leave, Dawn shows up. She had “marked” Lucy those many years ago and that’s what the cut on her hand was. She says that Lucy betrayed them before. She blames her for not seeing that the witch hunters were coming after them (Lucy’s a psychic). She tells her that she wants help finding the remaining family crystals.

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