secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Save The Last IncantMelissa and Nick are still sleeping together and she suggests that they go to a school dance together. He’s about as into that as he is into shirts. Sally doesn’t remember that it was Faye that threw her onto the rocks, but Cassie deflects. Charlie helps Dawn move Henry’s body. This silly mortal, Luke, asks Cassie out to the dance, but she says no. Adam seems jealous at the prospect of Cassie going out with someone else, so she takes Luke up on his offer. A parent-age guy, Zachary, accosts Cassie in the parking lot of the Boathouse and finds out that A) Cassie’s mom is dead and B) she’s living with her grandmother. He freaks out and grabs her and says that her mother would never wanted her to live there and he can tell she’s a witch. Diana saves her by witch-throwing the guy onto a car. He says, “It can’t happen again.”

Later, Faye is pissed because the Binding Ceremony made them all lose their individual powers. Or something. The witch stuff is a little fuzzy right now. Charlie tells Diana that he and Dawn are dating, mostly because Diana was prying about why they spend so much time together. Diana wears lip gloss to bed. Cassie goes through some old stuff of her mom’s. So, no one mentioned that Cassie’s mother was a freaking child bride. I’m just saying, I’m not sensitive, but this show just placed me two years younger than Cassie’s mother and if I had a kid two years older than Cassie? The authorities would be notified. She finds a picture of Zachary in her mom’s yearbook and it looks like they were friends. Meanwhile, Faye is trying to get some magic on in the halfway house and Zachary shows up.

At the dance, Cassie tells Luke that she didn’t have any social life at her old school. Melissa is really excited when Nick shows up for the dance, but he treats her like a jerk. Diana tells Dawn that she’s OK with her dating her dad. It looks like Dawn has to keep herself from vomiting. Just as Adam and Cassie begin some awkward conversation, Sally runs up and tells them to boogie, in order to SAVE THE DANCE. Of course, the minute they’re on the floor together, the music changes from crazy electro to slow-dance territory. Melissa and Nick are talking about why he treats her like crap when Faye runs up and says that Zachary tried to attack her. Cassie is a horrible date and leaves Luke alone most of the time.

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