secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Sex Kills BirdsThe show begins with Cassie and Adam in bed together. They go outside and find like 100 dead blackbirds in her yard. I thought I was the only one who that happened to. John shows up and knows exactly what happened. He says that they unleashed a curse and now someone in the Circle will die. That person is Jake. He starts feeling really ill, though continuing to look so freaking hot that I want every blackbird in the whole world to die on my lawn right now. They visit Jane who is still catatonic and whatever. She tells them about the curse. Cassie and Adam have to find some herb so they can make an elixir that will save Jake. He tags along, all beautifully half-dying, and hallucinates and reveals that he killed Calvin, that witch retail guy from earlier in the season. They make the elixir, which they themselves have to drink. It makes them forget their love! John consoles Jake, who is distraught about how he killed Calvin. John reminds him that a man can change. Poor Cassie, though — she still loves Adam. It’s just him that forgot!

Meanwhile, Faye is trying to find out what happened to Lee. She even has Melissa and Diana help her break into his car, whereupon they are nearly arrested. Eva, crazy girlfriend, gets them off though. Eventually, Faye realizes that Eva has powers AND that there’s a mummy of Lee in her house. She breaks the totem, which takes Eva’s powers away. Then, she just leaves. She doesn’t call the police or anything, which really calls into question her standing as a good citizen.

Charlie and Dawn are worried about Jane telling something that she shouldn’t, so they visit her and re-hypnotize her with their crystal from Kay’s Jewelers. Cassie cries to John about loving Adam. It’s pretty sad, though nice to see father comforting daughter. Dawn confronts John about making Jane lie — there’s no Conant/Blake curse. She says that she knows he has powers. He tells her that Ethan and Amelia wanted to leave the Circle, because of their love. They tried to leave, which is what left everyone defenseless the day of the boat fire. He tells her that witch hunters are after them and a witch is working with them. Charlie goes to Jane’s room late at night and tells her that she’s going to help him destroy John.

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