secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: Spells of the FatherJohn and Cassie have some father/daughter time while the show tries to decide exactly what dark magic is. I wish it would manifest itself in some sort of physical way, like her hair getting darker or more eye makeup, but we just see her melting coffee cups with her mind. Real dark. Faye can’t seem to say a single un-nasty thing, which is welcomed. Jake reminds everyone that Eben will be back to try to kill them, so they should enlist John to give them the 411 on the witch hunters.

Everyone spends the episode getting ready for a casino night fundraiser for the high school. Diana meets this Australian looker named Grant and I say kudooos to the casting director of this show for having his/her finger on the pulse (or something else) of every hot performer under the age of 22 on what appears to be the entire planet. Lee’s girlfriend is awake after an overdose on devil juice and she says she’s never going to leave him, as thanks for taking care of her. Faye invites Lee to casino night, but he says no and she’s pissed.

Cassie sees John searching for something at 7 Briar Hill and Adam decides that he must have been searching for some tool that steals power from witches. She confronts him and he says that the tool actually temporarily transfers power to a mortal. Eben used it the day of the boat fire. He says that a witch had to have given it to him and he wants to know who betrayed them.

Faye meets Lee’s girlfriend, Eva. Uh oh. He doesn’t act like he knows Faye and just tells the girl that she has a crush on him. He’s going to pay for that. Hot Grant shows up for the fundraiser, even though he said he was going to sail away earlier. Later, he and Diana kiss goodnight. Melissa is cocktailing at the party, which must be completely legal. John and Dawn run into each other in the hall and there’s a lot of sexual tension, but he’s not having it. He wants to find Ethan — you know it’s because Cassie saw him in her vision when she went to the boat fire.

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