secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: The Crazy Magic Spells That BindCassie’s still reading the letter her mother left for her, as well has thumbing through her family’s book of spells. Everybody’s hair has grown longer since the pilot was filmed. Like, say, Melissa, who wakes up in bed at Nick’s house. Cassie has been playing around with her powers and the results have been surprising. She asks for a candle to light and the sun gets brighter. She tries to close shirtless Nick’s curtains and ends up slamming shut his window and breaking it. She’s still not talking to Grandma about any of it. Faye’s granddad, Dawn’s father-in-law, drops by for a visit and it feels like there’s unfinished business.

Mortal girls try to make friends with Cassie at school and Faye tries to tell her that all of the non-magic people are boring, but Cassie doesn’t want to be friends with anyone in the Circle. Most of these bitches are in Chemistry class together, which is terrifying. Faye makes the beaker at Cassie’s work station explode and she does the same right back, but bigger. Awesome. She meets Adam at the creepy old house later and reminds her that no one can know that they’re witches. He tells her they found out they were witches because Diana had access to her family’s book. A whole bunch of the old Circle died when they were trying to have their Binding Ceremony, which will apparently diminish individual powers but make them stronger as a whole.

Ethan meets with Henry, Faye’s granddad, and tells him that Charlie almost drowned him on dry land. Henry reminds him that his Circle was stripped of their powers. Charlie didn’t get the memo! Diana tried to talk Faye into the idea of the Binding Circle, but she doesn’t want to harness her power. Cassie and Adam power a light bulb together, but she can also do it by herself. Then, she gets hot and bothered with Adam and his eyes that are CONSTANTLY trying to do bad things to her and the light bulb explodes.

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