secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: To Grandfather's House We GhoulThe actress who plays Melissa has another gig or something — she “left town” for this episode. Cassie tells the other that she thinks she stopped Diana from being killed by herself. Faye is suspicious of her. Everyone’s suspicious of the fact that Jane hasn’t returned from Henry’s lake house yet. At the behest of the boss guy, Jake joins the Circle crew as they go to the lake house to look for her. Dawn is nervous when she hears Faye is going to Henry’s, but she doesn’t stop her from going. She calls Charlie and we find out that he’s the one who has Jane, as if we didn’t already know. Jake is nervous about the old papers that Calvin left in Cassie’s mail before Jake killed him.

When they reach the lake house, Faye hears a little girl screaming. No one else hears it. Then, she finds we footprints that lead to a little girls rain boots upstairs, but she turns around and it’s all gone! Jake gets all sexy with Cassie as they start a fire in the fireplace. Faye takes a bath and suddenly it is filled with mud and weeds, but then it’s all gone! Later, they play truth or dare. We find out that Faye has only slept with two people. Adam asks Jake why he didn’t get put in the Circle with the rest of them — when Luke was going to kill them. He says it was because he was stronger than the rest of them. Faye and Cassie argue about the kiss that Cassie and Jake share (it was a dare!) and Faye runs out into the rain and sees a little girl in proper rain gear and starts following her. Cassie kisses Jake again in private (not a dare) but he stops her before things get too heavy. Diana and Adam argue about Cassie. They end up doing it in a shed. Cassie goes outside and sees the little girl. She finds Faye, who says that the little girl is her. She remembers the day that she last wore that outfit — she had almost drowned in the lake and her grandfather saved her. She feels that the little girl is there for a reason. She tries to walk into the water, but the boys stop her. Cassie senses that something is amiss and puts her hands in the water. It starts bubbling and then Henry floats to the surface.

Charlie reveals to Dawn that he has Henry’s crystal. They go to the clubhouse to look for Charlie’s (Diana’s) Book of Shadows. And, he finds it. Dawn wants to take the book away, but he refuses to let her. Things get tight between them and he tells her that he will do things the way he wants. Jane has been knocked out on sleeping pills for what seems like forever. Charlie says that he has always found her smug and self-righteous and dull. I could buy that. He says that he’s going to perform a spell that will control Jane’s thoughts and memories.

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