tsc jake cassie kiss 'Secret Circle' star Britt Robertson: 'Cassie definitely grows a pair in this episode'Tonight’s (Nov. 3) episode of “The Secret Circle” has all the delicious ingredients of a perfect horror flick: A stormy night, an unfamiliar cabin, a bottle of whiskey, a game of truth or dare, a terrifying bathtub scene, good-looking, unsuspecting teenagers… and, most importantly, a traitor amongst them.

It’s basically a recipe for awesome.

As we learned last week, sweet little Cassie Blake has powers even she doesn’t know about, and her “dark magic” is definitely a point of interest for the new bad-boy in town, Jake, who has joined the Circle’s road trip this week. We spoke with Zap2it fave Britt Robertson about this latest development, and she dished that Cassie’s dark side would definitely bring her closer to Jake.

“The more she tries to find out about this dark sort of magic that she has within her, the stronger that magic will get, so it’ll be fun to see her go through this new evil place,” Britt says. “It’ll only make the relationship with Jake stronger, and I think that’ll create a new, fun dynamic.”

Jake certainly has a devious agenda while he’s in Chance Harbor, but Britt tells us that she thinks that in upcoming episodes, he warms up to Cassie and begins to reconsider his whole anti-witch platform.

“I’m a girly chick, so I’m like, ‘No, he loves her! He said himself, he loves her!'” she says when we ask whether Jake’s flirtation with Cassie is genuine. “I think there’s something real. Initially, he came into the Circle, and he was trying to get rid of us, basically, but now as he’s starting to get to know us, he’s realizing that we’re not trying to do bad, we’re trying to make good out of a bad situation. We’re trying to take on these powers that have been passed down to us, and do good with them. I think he’s realizing that and is starting to fall for Cassie a little bit. Maybe I’m mistaken and maybe I’m a fool just like Cassie is, but I think it’s something real. I’m sticking to that!”

Maybe it’s the fact that the darkness within her has been awakened, but we’re about to Cassie with cojones. “Cassie definitely grows a pair in this episode,” Britt teases. “In the truth or dare game she decides to go and kiss Jake. It’s no matter if Faye gets jealous or annoyed by it, Cassie doesn’t care, she just does it.”

tsc faye cassie 'Secret Circle' star Britt Robertson: 'Cassie definitely grows a pair in this episode'Spoiler alert: Faye does get jealous, and Faye does get annoyed.

“It only gets worse as the episode progresses. It finally comes to a big head at the end of the episode – I’ll let you watch it and see, but their relationship certainly takes a turn for the interesting. It’s a really cool episode, and I’d like to say, people keep saying ‘It’s the best episode!’ but it’s really an episode that showcases Phoebe [Tonkin], and she just knocks it out of the park. She’s incredible.”

For his part, Chris Zylka tells us that even as the relationship between Cassie and Jake deepens, his connection to Faye remains important. “The feelings between Jake and Faye never really go away, but maybe the feelings were a bit misconstrued,” he laughs. “I’ve talked with the producers and writers about it, because he can’t just hate her that bad after she’s given him so much.”

In fact, even as Adam’s suspicions grow, it’s Faye who really has Jake’s number. “They grew up together and they’ve known each other forever,” Chris says. “They were really close as kids, and even more than the romantic level of everything, it’s Faye that sees what’s really troubling him, but she doesn’t quite know how to put her finger on it. That makes her really uneasy because she has always been able to put her finger on exactly what is wrong with Jake and what’s going on in his head. He needs someone to say ‘Hey, are you okay?’ and Faye is going to be that person.”

When we spoke with Chris, we were impressed by his involvement with developing the character — and Britt tells us that’s no farce. “He’s so dedicated. It’s so funny; he’ll show up to work
even on days when he’s not working because he just likes to hang out,”
she laughs. “He’s great for morale, he’s enjoying being here, and we’re
really lucky to have him.”

Tune in to “The Secret Circle” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie