secret diary of a call girl season 4 premiere 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' Season 4: A farewell to Belle

“Secret Diary of a Call Girl” may be the slickest, most unapologetic eye candy on TV. The glamorous sets, luxe clothing, snappy edits, cartoonish daydreams… all that sex. It’s a feast.

And under it all beats the heart of a truly good television series. Stars Billie Piper and Iddo Goldberg give the show a couple we can really root for, and this being the final season, they might finally get there.

But not yet. Season 4 starts out with an entirely new set of obstacles facing the best friends as they try to make a go of it as a couple. Belle’s book royalties, for one, have boosted her bank account. She moves into a fancy townhouse, continues to sport a wardrobe that would make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy, yet her appetite for the finer things seems unsated.

There’s also the not-so-small issue of former madame Stephanie, who’s sent up the river in the season premiere. Her frenemy’s business and niave teenage daughter are both tossed in Belle’s lap.

The grandest distraction, which looks likely to play out over the course of the season and bring Piper to the U.S. for an episode, is the film rights to her book. “Secret Diary of a London Call Girl” is being optioned for a motion picture, and the duo who want to helm the project are bit… eccentric.

And, through it all, Belle is still a working prostitute, tackling new clients who want to be infantilized and brought back from being gay. Ben maintains that her work doesn’t bother him, but tension silently lingers in even the most romantic scenes they share together.

At some point in these final episodes, it seems inevitable that she’ll have to choose between her love and her job. And we still haven’t decided which option we prefer.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell