ben dylan secret life abcfam 'Secret Life of the American Teenager': Is Ben's new girlfriend Dylan insane?The spring premiere of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” picked up right where we left off — the day after the graduation party at Jesse’s parents’ lake house, which is also the day after Amy and Ricky got engaged, Ben met a new redhead that piqued his interest, Adrian kissed Ricky and slept with Henry, Grace kissed Jack, and Madison slept with Lauren’s ex, Jesse. It was an eventful evening.

Questions to ponder:

Is Ben’s new girl, Dylan, insane? Maybe. She’s a little obsessed with Ben after having known him for less than 24 hours, and she showed up at his house — which she Googled to even find — with her friends to find out why he canceled their date. Plus, she lights up a joint in his bedroom with her friends and then lets Ben take the fall for it.

Should Grace and Jack get back together? Probably not, but will they? A different story entirely.

Will Amy and Ricky get married before the season is over? Maybe. Happy with her ring, Amy’s in no hurry to plan a wedding, but Ricky offers a valid point about the engagement ring making them both more attractive to other people. Will jealousy push Amy to the alter?

Will Henry and Alice get back together? Probably. There’s really no one else on the show for them to date.

What are the changes Amy’s mom, Anne, is talking about making? Does this mean she’ll move back in with George?

Will Madison and Lauren make up? Most likely. Yes, Madison slept with her ex, and Lauren already ripped up the photo of her and Madison — but Amy will probably be the glue that ultimately brings them back together.

Why is everyone going to summer school? The new summer school attendance list includes Amy, Lauren, Henry, Madison, Adrian and Grace, with seemingly only Adrian actually needing to take classes after having missed a lot of school during her pregnancy. Is there really nothing else to do in their town?

What did you think of the spring premiere of “Secret Life”?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper