adrian abc fam 'Secret Life of the American Teenager': School's not out for summerIf everyone else went to summer school, would you go to summer school too? Apparently so, because that’s exactly what happened on Monday’s (April 2) episode of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” during which almost everyone jumped on the summer school bandwagon.

Why exactly? Here’s a quick reference:

Why is Adrian in summer school?
Because she missed a lot of school when she was pregnant and after she lost the baby — she’s possibly the only person who actually needs to be in summer school.

Why is Amy going to summer school?
To keep an eye on Ethan for Ricky’s foster mom — and because Lauren is going to summer school. And also possibly because she wants to avoid getting married — and summer school is a good way to do that apparently.

Why is Ben going to summer school?
Because his dad is punishing him for smoking pot — even though he didn’t.

Why is Henry going to summer school?
Because Madison’s going to summer school. He was originally going to improve his SAT scores (because summer school is code for SAT prep?), so he could get into the same colleges as Alice.

Why is Madison going to summer school?
Because she slept with Lauren’s boyfriend — the same night Henry slept with Adrian — and no one’s speaking to Madison or Henry, so they’ve bonded. Originally, she was going to summer school because she and Lauren agreed to go together so they wouldn’t have to get jobs.

Why is Alice going to summer school?
Because she originally signed up to go with Henry.

Why is Grace going to summer school?
Because she secretly skipped med camp to go to summer school and live with Adrian, but then when Adrian decided she was going to skip out on their “no guys” vow, Grace decided to hightail it to med camp. But then she got kicked out of med camp because she went off on Grant. And here she is back at summer school.

Why is Dylan in summer school?
She’s not. She’s just outside the window of summer school. She doesn’t go to school here, or she would definitely be in summer school. She’s just there because she and Ben are obsessed with each other. He can live without pot or alcohol, but he just can’t live without her.

Why is Ethan in summer school?
To scam girls — like Madison?

So perhaps the better question is: Why aren’t Ricky, Jack and Grant in summer school?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper