secret life of the american teenager series finale 'Secret Life of the American Teenager' series finale: Amy calls off the weddingThe “Secret Life of the American Teenager” finale starts off as mostly a series of flashbacks to key moments in the show’s five-year run, while the current-day characters are getting ready for high school graduation.

For Amy, there are flashbacks detailing her relationships with Ricky and Ben, the pregnancy, the proposal, the fake wedding. For Grace, the flashbacks detail her romances, especially with Jack, and her guilt over her father’s death, which, in one of the show’s most hilarious plotlines, she thought at first was punishment for her losing her virginity.

Meanwhile, in present day Amy and Ricky are still planning on getting married (at first) and Ben clearly isn’t dealing with it very well. As everyone says goodbye, Amy, Grace and Adrian share a group hug and then everybody has to walk through the big door at the end of the hall like they’re all passing over to the other side or something — which, in a way, is kind of what leaving high school feels like, a little.

Ben then declares that his fight for Amy isn’t over til the “I dos” have been said.

That night, Amy breaks off the wedding as they both cry and she tells Ricky he’s not in love with her — and they both deserve to be madly in love when they do get married.

So (after a couple tries) Amy takes off for her exciting life in New York for the summer — and she lived happily ever after.

And that is how “Secret Life” comes to a close. What did you think, “SLOTAT” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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