secret-life-320.jpg“Secret Life”! Your questions, my answers…

Will Ricky and Amy get together cuz of the baby?? -alysia dawn
They will not. Not anytime soon, anyway. Ricky’s desire for legal rights to John will continue and the two will end up before a judge this season. 

Now that Ben and Amy are broken up, will things be super uncomfortable between them and with Ricky too? -Kate
Seems as though everyone’s staying cordial. Ben will even vouch for Ricky, saying that he’s a good dad during the “custody” battle and he won’t forget to mention what a good mother Amy is as well.

Is Adrian’s mom really moving away? -RD54
It would seem that way since she’s been M.I.A. all season, but sources tell me Adrian’s mom and dad will actually tie the knot in a nice simple ceremony sooner than later, so I guess she’s sticking around.

Grace’s mom sure moved on from her husband’s death quickly. How long is this Jeff thing going to last? -P
Jeff, otherwise known as Brendan from “My Boys”, is ready to marry the widow Bowman. And from what I’m hearing, she’s way into it. Like, walk-down-the-aisle into it.

Will Blossom (Mayim Bialik) be back on “Secret Life of the American Teenager” again? -Jennifer
Indeed. Her role is recurring. Keep watching…

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‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Breakups, make ups and Mayim Bialik

‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’: Who’s dying? Who’s getting engaged? Who’s giving it up?

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