" returns this week and I've got exclusive scoop on what's to come. To get you set for this second season premiere, I thought I'd answer some of your questions today…

Hey Korbi, I heard someone is dying on the "Secret Life" show. Is it one of the series regulars or some random character that we barely even know? -Jen
Oh no, we know this person pretty well. He — yes, it's a "he"! — has been on the show since the beginning and will be killed off in a tragic, dramatic accident.

So Molly Ringwald's character on "Secret Life of The American Teenager" is pregnant? -Pat
Yep. Knocked up by that guy she started seeing last season and I'm hearing they'll soon be engaged.

Grace is the person losing their virginity on "Secret Life," isn't she? I mean, she's pretty much the only one left who hasn't done it. Unless it's Ashley. -Jenna
It's not Ashley.

Now that Amy's had the baby, what will happen between her, Ricky and Ben. -D
She and Ben are still together, but they're in for a rocky road this year as Ricky becomes more involved in Amy and the baby's life. Actually, Ben won't be all about Amy and only Amy forever…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh