secret princes season 2 tlc 'Secret Princes' Season 2 sneak peek: Royals go undercover When TLC sent four foreign royals undercover in Atlanta in 2012 to woo women who didn’t know about their titles, the resulting reality experiment, “Secret Princes,” turned out to be an engaging guilty pleasure (if you believe in such things) that resembled a real-life version of the Julia Stiles early ’00s classic teen movie “The Prince and Me.”

Because such a fantastic concept should not be wasted, the network ordered another round of episodes, set to debut Friday (Oct. 25), featuring a new batch of noble men in a brand-new city: Austin, Texas. The four men looking for love in Season 2 include Prince Alexander of Russia, 34, a direct descendant of the House of Romanov who works as a photographer, Prince Lorenzo de Medici of Italy, 37, heir to the House of Medici, Lord James Rennell of Rodd, 34, a baron in the U.K. who works at an event planning company, and the Honourable Oliver Plunkett of Dunsany, 28, heir to the Barony of Dunsany Republic of Ireland and owner of a computer gaming company.

In Zap2it‘s exclusive clip of the Season 2 premiere, the princes discuss what they want their American aliases to be. Their inspiration? The most American things they can think of: Dean Martin, Uncle Sam, Luke Skywalker, and Clint Eastwood. Check out the clip below, then tune in for the premiere on Oct. 25.

“Secret Princes” Season 2 premieres Friday (Oct. 25) at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Posted by:Jean Bentley